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The Aerie(Adult)

This page explained in detail about The Aerie(Adult) of locations.


Obtained and Drop Items

Eagle Egg Gathering Items:Details on getting it in "Q.On the Wings of Eagles."
Iron Ore Gathering Items
Gole Ore Gathering Items
Meteorite Gathering Items
MedicinalHerb Some wooden boxes
Pumpkin Seed Some wooden boxes
WheatSeedling Some wooden boxes
TechnicalGuide Drop from Shade
Health Salve Drop from Shade
StrengthCapsule Drop from Shade
Twisted Ring Drop from Shade: Rare
Kaine's Sword

Available obtain after seeing the E ending.→【Endings branching】Conditions for A, B, C, D, and E ends to occur
Gebloth The Aerie(Adult)

Otzarr The Aerie(Adult)


The Aerie(Adult)

The Aerie(Adult)

The Aerie(Adult)

The Aerie(Adult)

The Aerie(Adult)
Ashurkarr The Aerie(Adult)

Item Shop

Name Price
Medicinal Herb 100
Health Salve 1000
Strength Drop 500
Magic Drop 500
Defence Drop 500
Spirit Drop 500

Flower Shop

Name Price
Red Moonflower Seed 120
Gold Moonflower Seed 120
Blue Moonflower Seed 120
Bounty Fertilizer 300

Grocery Store

Name Price
Pumpkin 500
Tomato 300
Eggplant 400

Weapon Shop

Name Price
Lily-Leaf Sword 2400
Beastbain 16800
Faith 18000
Axe of Beheading 19200
Sunrise 21600

Locations list