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Key Items

This page contains a list of Key Items.

Please refer to each link for details.


Moon Key
Star Key
Light Key
Darkness Key
Royal Compass
Vapor Moss
Max's Herbs
Restored Treasure Map
Employee List
Yonah's Ribbon
Bronze Key
Boar Tusk
Potted Freesia
Pile of Junk
Marked Map
AA Keycard
KA Keycard
SA Keycard
TA Keycard
NA Keycard
HA Keycard
MA Keycard
YA Keycard
RA Keycard
WA Keycard
Cultivator's Handbook
Hold Key
Passageway Key
World Map
Nier's Village Map
Lost Shrine Map
The Aerie Map
Seafront Map
Desert Map
Facade Map
Barren Temple Map
Junk Heap Area Map
Junk Heap Map
Manor Map
Forest of Myth Map
Underground Facility Map
Shadowlord's Castle Map
Northern Plains Map
Sourthern Plains Map
Eastern Road Map
Red book
Blue Book
Red Bag
Old Lady's Elixil
Old Lady's Elixil+
Parcel for The Aerie
Percel for Seafront
Postman's Parcel
Letter to a Faraway Lover
Pressed Freesia
Parcel for Facade
Drifting Cargo 1
Drifting Cargo 2
Drifting Cargo 3
Mermaid Tear
Mandrake Leaf
Toad Oil
Dirty Treasure Map
Great Tree Root
Elite Kitchen Knife
Elevator Parts
Eye of Power
Red Jewel?