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【Gold farming】Recommended locations for Childhood and Adulthood

This page is about 【Gold farming】Recommended locations for Childhood and Adulthood.


◆ The Aerie

1.Save in the post.

2.Collected at the following locations

Two locations near the post
In the tunnel next to the post

3.Defeat the bats in the tunnel and strip them of their Bat Fang (240G) and Bat Wing (700G).

4.Save in post, load from the options screen, and repeat this procedure.

You can pick up ores (and rarely Moldavite and Meteorite) efficiently, and it's a great way to save money by selling them in stores.

If there is no light to collect, load it again to make it appear.

◆ Junk Heap

It is easy to collect metal materials from mechanical enemies. They sell for more than animal materials.

◆ Desert: Wolf of the Sandstorm (after attacking the Barren Temple)

We earn money by selling Wolf Fang(320G) and Wolf Hide(1000G).

The center of the sandstorm is especially good for earning experience as it boils infinitely at a good pace (100 EXP per unit).

To enter the Sandstorm, you'll need the Royal Compass. →The Littlest Hero


◆ Barren Temple (limited time)

The trials in each room will reappear after a certain number of actions by you.

We recommend a room with evasion (see video), where you can efficiently earn money by defeating large mamono, evading them, and then reappearing.

They also drop more Complex Machine, Elaborate Machine, and Simple Machine, making them good for money-making.

【Reference Video】