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【Fishing】 Where you can catch all kinds of fish and some materials.

This page is about 【Fishing】 Where you can catch all kinds of fish and some materials..

Fishing place

The locations are those that I personally found easy to fish.

I stopped checking when I completed the comp, but there may still be some that canbe caught depending on the bait and location.

Sardine(Seafront: South central embankment/Bait: Lugworm)

Blowfish(Seafront: South central embankment/Bait: Lugworm)

Bream(Seafront: South central embankment/Bait: Lure)

Shark(Seafront: Eastern Harbor/Bait: Sardine)

Blue Marlin(Seafront: South central embankment/Bait: Sardine)

Dunkleosteus(Seafront: South central embankment/Bait: Sardine)

Carp(NieR's village: riverside/Bait: Earthworn)

Rainbow Trout(Northern Plains: harbor/Bait: Lure)

Black Bass(NieR's village: riverside/Bait: Lure)

Giant Catfish(Eastern Road: The river near the three-way junction/Bait: Carp)

Royal Fish(Eastern Road: The river near the three-way junction/Bait: Earthworn)

Hyneria(Desert: harbor/Bait: Sardine)

Sandfish(Desert: harbor/Bait: Lure)

Rhizodont(Desert: harbor/Bait: Sardine)

I fish at the time when the float sinks for the third time, but it is tricky to catch Hyneria as well.

Obviously, the fishing gauge decreases more slowly in Rhizodont. Fish patiently.

Get the trophy "Fish of Legend" after catching it.

Shaman Fish(Seafront: Western Beaches/Bait: Lure)

Aquatic Plant(NieR's village: riverside/Bait: Sardine)

Deadwood(NieR's village: riverside/Bait: Sardine)

Rusty Bucket(Northern Plains: harbor/Bait: Lugworm)

Rusted Clump(Northern Plains: harbor/Bait: Lugworm)

Empty Can(Northern Plains: harbor/Bait: Lugworm)