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Correct answer choices of Shadowlord's Castle

This page is a summary of Correct answer choices of Shadowlord's Castle.

Start area

Answer the bird's question with the correct answer to move on.

1.Because of a black disease.
2.By separating body from soul.
3.They are placed in their corresponding shells.

Area 2

We're here to rescue Yonah. Boss Battle
What are you two doing here? Choose your options again.
They're right. Let's go back to the village. Return to the NieR's village.

After the last boss

If you answer the player's name in the A ending route, you will enter the ending.

If you get the name wrong, Yonah will say the following lines (in random order?)

Eventually, it will tell you the exact player name, and from there on, if you make a mistake, the response is the same.

That's not the right name!
Nope! Come on, think about it!
Do you really not know...?
Here's a hint. It's someone suuuper-duper important to me!
Okay, now you're just messing with me.
Quit being mean, would you?
I had the most vivid dream, and in it, this peron was always by my side.
You know I was waiting for this person the whole time, right?
Do you...hate me?
Are you just embarrassed, or...?
Come on, really? I was gonna meke you a stew if you guessed correctly, you know!
If I had this person by my side, I'd never need anything else.
Come on, you're making me sad.
Did you...really forget?
I've been good, you know―just like I promised I'd be!
You actually DO know the answer , don't you?
That's not it!
Are you TRYING to make me mad?
*sigh* You're a jerk.
No! You know that's not it!
No, no, NO! It's the name of the person I love most in the WORLD!
Just hearing their name makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
My memories with this person are my greatest treasures.
I would never forget.
Wait... Is there somebody ELSE you love...?
Do you just not like me anymore...? Is that it?
You know, this person also helped out my friend!
Whenever I cook something, this person eats it aaaaaall up.
Even when things were really tough, I was able to keep going becaouse this person was there with me.
*The person I love more than anyone else... is (Player Name)