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Mysterious report

This is a summary of the mysterious report that plays on the load screen.

You may be able to gain a better understanding of the world if you read them together with the "Four Underground Research Record (Underground Facility)" and "Four Project Gestalt Report (Shadowlord's Castle)" that you get during the story.

Case Report 05/18/2004

・Mutations found in subcutaneous cell structure.
・Rise in mental disorders believed to be caused by external factors.
・Airborne transmission most likely mechanism.

Research into effective treatments is underway.

Damage Report 02/06/2008

・Wall of Jericho collapsed.
・5,000 people believed dead.
・Requests for reinforcements streaming in from multiple locations.

We continue to monitor the situation.

Founder Research Report 06/06/2010

・Physical attacks useless.
・Thermonuclear attacks useless.
・Unknown particles have been detected.

Dealing with the situation will require proving the multi-origin theory.

New Medication Cycle 02/09/2016

・Observed to slow the progress of white chlorination.
・No unusual readings seen in subject.
・Send records directly to Cabinet Command Room.

National Weapons Laboratory 07/24/2026

We have verified a level of compatibility between the donor bodies and the weapons brought in by the Accord Corporation. We will continue using them as subjects for research as we move forward with Project Number 6.

死亡確認 2030.03.01

Confirmed by Japanese version


Confirmation of death 03/01/2030

・The body was found to be 99.999% Red Eye himself.
・Confirmation of Red Eye's death.
・Confirmation of the return of the 13th Expeditionary Force.
・The Legion's actions are unrecordable.

New Technology Report 08/07/2032

Although the resultant white chlorination syndrome infection makes ours an imperfect solution, we have reason to expect some positive results. Testing will begin on the previously selected subjects; recordkeeping on the procedure's safety is top priority.

World Purification Commission Report 09/30/2032

The first detachment is functioning properly. However, continued caution will be required well into the future. A discussion about dealing with relapse cases will be deferred to the next conference.

Adnormalities 06/23/2033

Several deleterious abnormalities have been found with a subject in the early stages of treatment, including a relapse state resulting in a total loss of self. We will investigate the cause of this error and submit a countermeasure plan immediately.

Successful Test Case 01/15/2034

A successful test case has been discovered and detained.
The specimen's cooperation has been requested according to the predetermined stipulations.
Treatment of the specimen will continue on a classified basis until we determine why our results have such a wide range of variation.

Transition into Sleep Mode 12/28/2034

Transition into sleep mode is proceeding smoothly.
All that remains is to pray for Project Gestalt's ultimate success.

May God have mercy on us all.

成功例の報告 2039.01.15

Confirmed by Japanese version


Report of successful case 01/15/2039

・Discovered and protected a complete success story.
・Offered to cooperate with the specimen if he agreed to post conditions.
・Continuing to investigate the causes of failure and success under similar circumstances.
・However, the specimen will be kept in the dark.